Cocktail of substances

I’ve started smoking pot every night to help me sleep. I found alcohol wasn’t enough. So now I’ve added marijuana into the mix. Three G&Ts and then I hit the vaporizer. I pair that with a podcast hosted by Alec Baldwin (Man, he loves the sound of his own voice.) and presto! I don’t wake

Sleepy Words

I just heard a news report that researchers have found that people are more likely to fall asleep by focusing on sleepy words. Words like: cozy, sleepy, warm, comfortable, relaxed, calm, etc. You can either slowly read them from a list or cue-cards or just go through them in your head. I’ve been doing this

Never linger

If you can’t sleep, maybe after about an hour of restlessness, never linger in bed. Get up, do something stupid like empty the dish washer, then head back to bed. That small interruption is often enough to break the chain of endless mind-loops. And of course, a little gin and shower can help too. by


In my recent bought of sleeplessness, I have come to understand the midnight snack. Some sliced peaches, or a bit of Greek yogurt – maybe a slice of peanut butter toast seems to get me to sleep, like hitting a blood sugar sleep switch. by


I apologize that this response took so long, especially if you’re waiting at the bakery counter and your partner is salivating over his so-called chonger buttertart but thoroughness is required here, not to mention puttin da coolguy right. Here is the dictionary (Talkin Truck OED, version 2012) definition of chonger: Chonger. [ch-ON-GUH] or alternatively, [chon-GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR]


I wasn’t sure I really was grinding my teeth, but dentist convinced me I was. “Fine”, I says. “I’ll try a mouth guard.” But now i realize having this plastic foreign object in my mouth – and a chewy one at that – makes me grind (or at least chew). It’s like shaving – once

Exercise, 15 min / day

I find that 15 minutes of exercise a day really helps me sleep at night. I use Skimble’s Workout Trainer to find a quick 15 routine and I’m set for a good night’s sleep. by

I love dimenhydrinate

Here in Canada we can purchase an off-the shelf anti-nausea drug called Gravol. It contains Dimenhydrinate and is commonly given to patients in hospitals to help induce sleep. I’ve tried this many times and here’s what I’ve found: need to take at least 1 hour before bed, one 50mg  pill is enough. Knocks me out.

Unrelated Pairings

If you’re like me, when you hit the pillow, your head starts to race: electrical wiring schematics; financial scenerios and payment structures; words spoken and the double or triple meanings of each. It’s endless. Some of this thinking is refreshing like a good game of Sudoku. But it’s not time to problem solve, it’s time